The conference will take place at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences (, in Belgrade (Tourist Organization of Belgrade), Serbia.

Faculty of Organizational Sciences – University of Belgrade
Jove Ilića 154. Belgrade, Serbia


To download an offline quick orientation map of the venue, please click here

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Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla is located 18 kilometers from the city center. Following means of transportation are available:

Mini bus linе A1

Route Airport – Slavija Square – Airport
Routemap and Timetable download
Ticket price RSD 300 (purchased on the bus)
Approximate travel time 30 minutes

How to get to Faculty of Organizational Sciences from Slavija Square?

To get to the Faculty of Organizational Sciences buses 3347 , 48 and 9A*, 59**, 78** are available (station Fakultet organizacionih nauka in Liberation Boulevard – Bulevar Oslobođenja, ID 851)

How to get to Hotel M from Slavija Square?

From Slavia Square to Hotel M buses 3347 , 48 , 9A*, 59** , 78** are available (station Mosorska, ID 859).

*Please note that sometimes buses operating on the line 9A are labeled just with number 9 (without additional letter ‘A’). Please, feel free to use them, as it is actually the same line.

**Please note that lines 59 and 78 are currently diverted to the Liberation boulevard (Bulevar oslobođenja) due to ongoing reconstruction of the nearby roundabout Autokomanda. However, their standard routes (as shown in the maps) are not a good choice for getting to the venue, but for the present, they could help you avoid crowded buses during the rush hour.

In case of any change, the information will be updated in a timely manner. Therefore, please, check this page regularly to obtain the latest information.

PTC Belgrade Line 72

Route Map View route
Timetable Airport – Zeleni venac
Zeleni venac – Airport
Ticket price RSD 89 (if bought in kiosk – time limited for 90 minutes; in case of vehicle change, it must be re-validated)
RSD 150 (if bought in the bus)
Other payment options can be found here
Approximate travel time 30 – 40 minutes

How to get to Faculty of Organizational Sciences or Hotel M from Zeleni Venac?

First, walk to station Terazije (ID: 192). Then, use PTL 19, 21, 22 (trolleys) or 31 (bus) from station Terazije to Slavia Square (ID: 199 – trolleys, ID: 1691 – bus). Then, use transportation to Faculty of Organizational Sciences or Hotel M described above.

Help link is provided here.

 Taxi service

For the use of taxi services from Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla to any destination in Belgrade area and further, please contact the city service TAXI INFO desk, located in the baggage reclaim area.

Please take a taxi receipt at the information desk which contains the name of your destination and appropriate price for the taxi service.

Regular taxi fares and other information regarding taxi service in Belgrade are available on this link.

Additionally, flat rate for taxi fares form Airport Nikola Tesla are provided here. Faculty of Organizational Sciences and Hotel M Best Western are located in Voždovac area.

If you prefer to pay the service with the credit card, Naxis Taxi offers this possibility. They accept following credit cards.

About Belgrade

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 Enjoy the ICDSST-2015!
 Enjoy Belgrade!